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If you are in college and are coming home for the Summer, we invite you to discern a potential role as a Summer Core Team member! Summer Core, just like the rest of the Core Team, are passionate persons who desire to walk with other young people through life and faith. We are looking for students who have completed at least one year of college, who are faithful to - and love - the Catholic Church, and who are open to continual growth and formation as disciples. If this sounds like you and you feel called to discern this, please submit a Summer Core Application!


You may have graduated high school, but the beauty, truth, and goodness of our faith is able to be cultivated in new and profound ways in the next stage of your life! Whether you are an athlete, in Greek Life, a scholar, or a loner, finding a faith community away from home is possible...chances are there are organizations and missionaries on your campus waiting to invest in you! Here are some resources to help:

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