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a burning fire

In 2010, a man encountered Christ in a transformative way and was instilled with a burning passion to lead other young people to know him.

Meet Moses:

St. Clare of assisi

St. Louis, USA

our lady of sorrows

Masaka, UGA


Life Teen sends resources to Our Lady of Sorrows Kitovu in Masaka to begin the first Youth Ministry program in Uganda.

great teenz.jpeg
Going, Going, Gone: The Dynamics of Disaffiliation
in Youth Catholics

2010 - 2018

Life Teen Intl. continues to foster the relationship with Life Teen Uganda, continually sending resources and support, and eventually sends a team from the USA to meet Moses and help facilitate a training conference for youth ministers and core members in Uganda.


Fr. Martin contacts his friends at Life Teen to inquire about possible missions around the world with whom SCA could form a relationship. Desiring a mission that unifies the parish, a community with which our grade school could partner, and a relationship that continues long after a weekly visit, Life Teen shares Moses's story, and puts us in contact with him.


JUNE 2019

Summer PSR at St. Clare ends with a Skype meet-and-greet Q&A with a special guest. We get to hear about Moses's mission, what life is like for a teenager in Uganda, and how we at St. Clare can partner with his parish, Our Lady of Sorrows, Kitovu. 


Fr. Martin, Sheila Trani, and Alyssa Norberg will travel to Uganda to as "reps" from St. Clare to establish a relationship, see how we can partner with Our Lady of Sorrows, and attend the Life Teen Uganda youth conference, DARE4MORE. We will be joining a team from Life Teen Intl. Please pray for all of us and the mission in Uganda!



Chuck Aranda of St. Clare takes over St. Clare's side of the mission, coordinating continued prayer and support for Moses and the mission of Life Teen Uganda. The proceeds of our parish's generosity goes towards meal support and continued construction of Mary Hill primary school in Uganda.

"This is what God is using to conquer our nation with love."

- Moses Kasozi

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